Alta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Alta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. was set up in 2007 with its core activity being the import of medicinal products, medical devices, food additives, medical cosmetics, as well as their distribution across pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers. The company performs activities related to the analysis on the medicinal market and the pharmaceutical sector.

Since acquiring its license, the company has been partnering with the Health Ministry as a drug supplier pursuant to the procedure of Ordinance No. 34/2005 on the budgetary payout procedure for Bulgarian citizens’ treatment of diseases outside the scope of the mandatory health insurance valid for 28 hospital-adjunct pharmacies on the territory of specialized healthcare institutions nationwide. At a later point the company became a distributor of medicines fully or partially reimbursed by the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF). After the regulatory changes in 2011 related to the financing of specific groups of diseases, Alta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. became a contractor under contracts with hospitals primarily in regard to anticancer medicines.


To perform corporate activity in line with the acting legislation in the sector, Alta Pharmaceuticals Ltd. owns:

A wholesale medicinal product distributor licence /July 2007/; 

A wholesale medical device distributor licence /October 2007/;

A wholesale distributor licence for medicinal products containing narcotics /December 2007/; 

A wholesale food additive distributor licence /November 2007/; 

A veterinary medicinal product distributor licence. 

The company has been achieving its goals with the help of its management system aligned to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and the good distribution practices.